Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax
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About This Manual

The Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax manual contains syntax descriptions for the Structured Query Language (SQL) and Stored Procedure Language (SPL) statements that Universal Server supports.

This manual is part of a series of manuals that discusses the Informix implementation of SQL. This volume and the Informix Guide to SQL: Reference are references that you can use on a daily basis after you finish reading the Informix Guide to SQL: Tutorial.

Important: This manual does not cover the product called INFORMIX-SQL or any other Informix application development tool.

Organization of This Manual

This manual includes the following chapters:

The following items are an integral part of this manual although they do not appear in it:

Types of Users

This manual is written for SQL users, database administrators and SQL developers who use Informix products and SQL on a regular basis.

Software Dependencies

This manual assumes that you are using the following Informix software:

    The database server must be installed either on your computer or on another computer to which your computer is connected over a network.

    The SQL API or DB-Access enables you to compose queries, send them to the database server, and view the results that the database server returns.

Assumptions About Your Locale

Informix products can support many languages, cultures, and code sets. All culture-specific information is brought together in a single environment, called a GLS (Global Language Support) locale.

This manual assumes that you are using the default locale, en_us.8859-1. This locale supports U.S. English format conventions for dates, times, and currency. In addition, this locale supports the ISO 8859-1 code set, which includes the ASCII code set plus many 8-bit characters such as é, è, and ñ.

If you plan to use nondefault characters in your data or your SQL identifiers, or if you want to conform to the nondefault collation rules of character data, you need to specify the appropriate nondefault locale(s). For instructions on how to specify a nondefault locale, additional syntax, and other considerations related to GLS locales, see the Guide to GLS Functionality.

Demonstration Database

The DB-Access utility, which is provided with your Informix database server products, includes a demonstration database called stores7 that contains information about a fictitious wholesale sporting-goods distributor. Sample command files are also included.

Many examples in Informix manuals are based on the stores7 demonstration database. The stores7 database is described in detail and its contents are listed in Appendix A of the Informix Guide to SQL: Reference.

The script that you use to install the demonstration database is called dbaccessdemo7 and is located in the $INFORMIXDIR/bin directory. For a complete explanation of how to create and populate the demonstration database on your database server, refer to the DB-Access User Manual.

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