onstat -a All Info

The onstat -a command prints the equivalent execution of onstat -mcuskbtdlpCP plus the output of onstat -g all. The output from onstat -a is one of the items usually requested by Informix Technical Support when trying to decipher a potential problem. It should be noted that onstat -a does not actually capture all potential onstat options.


  • When trying to capture sufficient information for system analysis, perform onstat -aFR. This will capture flushing information in addition to the onstat options listed above. There are certain sections of the onstat -a command that dump memory maps. These sections tend to be quite long and in general offer no real useful information for analysis. When capturing onstat -a output, it is best to manually delete out these sections.

Monitoring and Tuning

  • To determine specific tuning for data given by the onstat -a command, refer to the desired command option in this guide for the area of interest.