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Oninit BenchIt Toolkit


The setup of the system is very straightforward, once the dbspaces have been built then buildcntl build will generate the standard database. However, if you have altered schema.sql you need to build the database by hand.

After building the core database it needs be loaded with the base data using buildcntl load. This will give you an unlogged system that is nearly ready to go, just turn on logging using your favoured means, i.e. ontape [ontape -s -U benchit] or ondblog [ondblog log benchit].

Note: If you have altered the base schema and the load fails then the most likely problem is the schema, just review the original schema and make sure the basic DDL is still the same.

During the runs some tables are dropped and rebuilt via benchcntl reset. This is not a good idea if ER is being tested. You will need to adjust the runbenchit script as shown below to run a custom reset.sql file.

The Tests

The runbenchit script, listed below controls the running of the actual tests

#! /bin/sh

version=`cat version`
version=`expr $version + 1`
echo $version > version
if [ ! -d results ]
    mkdir results

if [ ! -d "${RESHEAD}" ]
    mkdir ${RESHEAD}


# list of number of users to run
for RUN in 5 10 20 30
    echo RUN NUMBER ${RUN}

    echo Results saved to $RESDIR
    if [ ! -d "${RESDIR}" ]
                mkdir ${RESDIR}

    #./benchcntl reset
        dbaccess benchit reset.sql >/dev/null 2>&1
    onmode -c
    echo Start Test
        echo ==========
    sleep 5
    onstat -z > /dev/null 2>&1
    ./benchit ${RUN} ${TTIME} $RESDIR
    echo End Test
        echo ========
    sleep 5
    ./benchcntl analyze >  ${RESDIR}/sumstat.out
    ./benchcntl info    >  ${RESDIR}/info.out
    ./benchcntl summary >> ${RESHEAD}/summary.out
    sleep 5
    onstat -a           >> ${RESDIR}/onstat
    cat ${RESHEAD}/summary.out
    sleep 5
    onmode -c
    sleep 5
    onmode -l; onmode -l; onmode -l; onmode -l

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