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Platform Linux
OS Level /bin/uname -a
cat /etc/SuSE-release
cat /etc/redhat-release
rpm -qa | grep -i kernel
rpm -qa | grep -i glibc
CPU /bin/dmesg
cat /proc/cpuinfo
Memory Limits /bin/dmesg
cat /proc/meminfo
IPC Limits /usr/bin/ipcs -l
Software Level /bin/rpm -qa
User Limits ulimit -a
ulimit -[Ha] -[Sa]
User Envir. set or env
System Logs /var/log/messages
System Admin /usr/sbin/setup
Compiler /usr/bin/gcc
Debugger /usr/bin/gdb
Trace / Truss /usr/bin/strace
Device Mgmt cat /proc/device


CPU /usr/bin/vmstat
I/O /usr/bin/iostat -t
Memory vmstat
/usr/bin/ipcs -am
swapon -s
Processes ps -aelf
Network /usr/bin/netstat

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