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-4501 A parameter count mismatch has occurred between the calling function and the called function.
-4502 The 4GL program has run out of runtime data space memory.
-4503 A function has not returned the correct number of values expected by the calling function.
-4504 A validation error has occurred as a result of the VALIDATE command.
-4505 A report output file cannot be opened.
-4506 A report output pipe cannot be opened.
-4507 A report output file cannot be written to.
-4508 PRINT FILE error - cannot open file filename for reading.
-4509 An array variable has been referenced outside of its specified dimensions.
-4511 A temporary table needed for a report could not be created in the selected database. The user must have permission to create tables in the selected database.
-4512 A database index could not be created for a temporary database table needed for a report.
-4513 Incorrectly formed hexadecimal value.
-4514 A row could not be inserted into a temporary report table.
-4515 A row could not be fetched from a temporary report table.
-4516 A character variable has referenced subscripts that are out of range.
-4517 Strings of length > 512 cannot be returned from function calls.
-4518 The 4GL program cannot allocate any more space for temporary string storage.
-4527 Undefined opcode in function name.
-4535 Bad store include table syntax "file1" "file2".
-4536 Database open failed.
-4538 No database name has been given.
-4542 Attempt to upgrade the design database failed.
-4543 Invalid delimiter. Do not use '\', hex digits (0-9, A-F, a-f), or space.
-4555 Variable size cannot exceed 65535 bytes.
-4556 Object size cannot exceed 65535 bytes.
-4646 The specified WORDWRAP RIGHT MARGIN value is out of range.
-4654 CHAR size should be in the range of 1 to 32766.
-4655 Invalid range specified for VARCHAR.
-4658 Constants are not allowed as cursor names.
-4659 The CHAR (*) type is not allowed for report parameters.
-4660 Report parameters cannot take object references.
-4661 Access control restrictions are not allowed for this intrinsic member function.
-4663 ODBC error from engine - "text".
-4664 CCL class declarations are required with the "-useccl" switch. Add INCLUDE SYSTEM "ixstmt.4gh" to your module.