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-21001 Incomplete character at end of codeset conversion input.
-21002 Codeset conversion output buffer too small.
-21003 Cannot open codeset conversion file.
-21004 Internal error in codeset conversion.
-29002 Supplied real-RDB-name does not match the real-RDB-name in sqlhosts.
-29003 RDB real-RDB-name not found at the application server.
-29004 DRDA protocol error. ReplyMsg[,sub-code]: ReplyMessage-codepoint[,sub-code].
-29005 Hard DRDA protocol error. ReplyMsg[,sub-code]: ReplyMessage-codepoint[,sub-code].
-29006 DRDA connect protocol error. Manager,level: (manager,level) not supported.
-29007 RDB authorization failure. RDB-userID,RDB: RDB-userID,RDB-name.
-29008 DDM parameter (parameter-codepoint) not supported error. Disconnected from AS.
-29009 DDM parameter value (parameter,parameter-value) not supported. Disconnected from AS.
-29010 AS reply message (codepoint=codepoint) not supported by Gateway.
-29011 SNA communication error. Informix-SQLCODE,native-SNA-rc: Informix-communication-SQLCODE,native-SNA-return-code.
-29012 One or more tables have been dropped, altered, or renamed.
-29013 AS resource not available. Reason,Type, Name,PrdID,RDB: Reason,ResourceType,ResourceName,ProductID,RDBname.
-29014 Hard AS resource not available. Reason,Type, Name,PrdID,RDB: Reason, ResourceType,ResourceName,ProductID,RDBname.
-29015 Non-bind related DDM command (codepoint=codepoint) attempted during bind.
-29016 Bind related command (codepoint=codepoint) encountered when bind not active.
-29018 AS does not support the DDM command: command-codepoint.
-29019 AS does not support the DDM object type: object-codepoint.
-29030 Feature feature-name not supported by the Gateway.
-29031 Table or view name objname has an invalid format
-29032 Application Server CCSID(s) could not be determined.
-29033 Informix GLS locale could not be loaded: localename, errno, locale-file-name.
-29034 Character code-set conversion error. Tokens: from-cs-num, to-cs-num, cftype, objtype, position.
-29035 An incompatible data type was received by the Gateway.
-29036 Character codeset conversion file not found from, to, filename: from_cs_num, to_cs_num, filename.
-29037 There is no CCSID or GLS locale set for the FE OS locale localename.
-29039 Cannot have more than one SQL statement in PREPARE/EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.
-29040 Cannot translate MATCHES pattern to LIKE pattern.
-29042 Package info for RDB rdbname not found. Use gwdba to bind.
-29043 No more section-type sections left. Rebind Gateway packages with more sections.
-29044 Gateway internal logic error [diagnostic-error-string].
-29045 Gateway internal logic error [diagnostic-error-string]. Disconnected from AS.
-29046 SNA buffer size (size) is not valid.
-29048 ISAM Error: error message.
-29049 Unable to locate/open Gateway setup file filename.