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-25548 Too many active connections.
-25553 Sqlhosts file not found or cannot be opened.
-25554 INFORMIXSERVER environment variable too long.
-25555 Server server-name is not listed as a dbserver name in sqlhosts.
-25556 Invalid sqlhosts file format.
-25557 Network internal error.
-25558 The NFS/RFS host host-name is not listed as a dbserver name in sqlhosts.
-25559 DBPATH server server-name is not listed as a dbserver name in sqlhosts.
-25560 Environment variable INFORMIXSERVER must be set.
-25561 Invalid authentication type.
-25565 Cannot get process information.
-25566 System time error.
-25567 Internal communications buffer management error detected.
-25568 Debugging utility error.
-25570 Network driver cannot execute the fork system call.
-25571 Exceeded the maximum number of user threads.
-25572 Network driver cannot bind a name to the port.
-25573 Network driver cannot accept a connection on the port.
-25574 Network driver cannot open the network device.
-25575 Network driver cannot allocate the call structure.
-25576 Network driver cannot allocate the return structure.
-25577 Network driver cannot get a host structure.
-25578 Network driver cannot disconnect from the network.
-25579 Network function was issued in the wrong sequence.
-25580 System error occurred in network function.
-25581 Transport Layer memory free error.
-25582 Network connection is broken.
-25583 Unknown network error.
-25584 Network driver cannot access the server program program-name.
-25585 Invalid buffer size.
-25586 Network send failed.
-25587 Network receive failed.
-25588 The appl process cannot connect to Dynamic Server 2000 .
-25589 Invalid Dynamic Server 2000 mail-box message type.
-25590 Authentication error.
-25591 Transport control received an invalid connection address.
-25592 Communications service not supported by network driver.
-25593 Network listener failed to make an open I/O channel to be non-blocking.
-25594 Shared Memory client failed to alert Dynamic Server 2000 for service.
-25595 Invalid message received during connection attempt.
-25596 The INFORMIXSERVER value is not listed in the sqlhosts file or the Registry.
-25597 Error in system pipe processing.
-25598 Communications usage error: Invalid state transition.
-25599 Network connection error - no listener.
-27001 Read error occurred during connection attempt.
-27002 No connections are allowed in Dynamic Server 2000 quiescent mode.
-27003 Internal Communications Error: internal inconsistency detected.
-27004 Illegal sqlhosts file option/parameter, parameter, for dbservername, servername.
-27005 Illegal sqlexecd daemon option, option_value.