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-14501 CSS: out of memory
-14502 CSS: CSM csm-name not found
-14503 CSSL error loading csm-name
-14504 CSS: unsupported CSM version version-number in csm-name
-14506 CSS: CSM csm-name: unexpected return code error-code
-14507 CSS: cascade disconnected.
-14508 CSS: error getting flags from CSM csm-name
-14509 CSS: CSM disconnected inside cascade.
-14510 CSS: null buffer owner
-14511 CSS: init function is not found in library csm-name
-14512 CSS: shared library name is not specified.
-14513 CSS: CSM cannot finish a service operation.
-14551 CSS: CSM negotiation is not implemented.
-14562 CSS: no buffer management function provided.
-14563 CSS: error writing data.
-14564 CSS: no output function provided.
-14565 CSS: error reading data.
-14566 CSS: no input function provided.
-14567 CSS: buffer management function return code error-code
-14571 CSS: null CSS library context.
-14572 CSS: null I/O reference context.
-14573 CSS: bogus iterator direction.
-14574 CSS: error processing initialization string: parameter-string.
-14575 CSS: invalid run-time parameters.
-14576 CSS: null CSS context.
-14577 CSS: no registered output buffer owner.
-14578 CSS: null output buffer owner.
-14579 CSS: unspecified buffer type.
-14581 CSS: CSM descriptor: syntax error.
-14582 CSS: CSM descriptor: CSM redefinition.
-14583 CSS: CSM descriptor: CSM not defined.
-14584 CSS: CSM descriptor: link method undefined.
-14585 CSS: CSM descriptor: unknown error error-number
-14586 CSS: CSM descriptor: nameless CSM!
-14587 CSS: CSM descriptor csm-name: self-reference.
-14588 CSS: CSM descriptor csm-name: CSM link type undefined.
-14590 CSS: failed to acquire sync object.
-14591 CSS: failed to release sync object.