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-4382 Cannot expand a structure with an array member.

The ".*" and THROUGH notation cannot be used to expand a record with an array member, except in the LET statement. Error -4382 with this meaning is issued by NewEra.

-4382 Record variables that contain array type elements may not be referenced by the ".*" or THROUGH shorthand, or used as a function parameter.

You can define a record that contains an array as one of its components. However, you must always list that component by its full designation of record.part[n]. The asterisk or THRU notation is only shorthand for a list of the names of the components of the record. It cannot produce the bracketed subscript after the name of the array component.

A record that contains an array component cannot be used as a parameter to a function. However, you can use the array component itself as a function parameter if you spell out its name as record.part. Error -4382 with this meaning is issued by NewEra.