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-4391 When doing INPUT BY NAME or INPUT ARRAY, the BEFORE/AFTER field

names can be specified only by the field name suffix. Screen array and screen record elements are not allowed.

Only names of single form fields can be used with a BEFORE or AFTER clause. The name of a field is defined in the ATTRIBUTES section of the form definition; it is often the same as the name of a database column. Here are example lines from an ATTRIBUTES section:

atag = customer.customer_num,noentry; tag2 = formonly.total,format="#######.##";

The names of these fields are customer_num and total, respectively.

In the 4GL statement in question, you have written a name prefixed with another name and a dot. That syntax is used for specifying components of screen records or screen arrays, or database columns of the same name in different tables, but it is not appropriate here.