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onstat -g ras RAS Settings

The onstat -g ras command displays the current settings for the RAS (reliability, availability, and supportability) parameters.

 Diagnostics           Current Settings                   
 AFCRASH               0x00000601                         
 AFFAIL                0x00000401                         
 AFWARN                0x00000401                         
 AFDEBUG               0                                  
 AFLINES               0                                  
 BLOCKTIMEOUT          3600                               
 Block Status          Unblocked                          
 DUMPCORE              0                                  
 DUMPGCORE             0                                  
 DUMPSHMEM             0                                  
 DUMPCNT               1                                  
 DUMPDIR               SOMEWHERE                        
 SYSALARMPROGRAM       MYPATH/etc/evidence.sh     

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