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onstat -g wst Wait statistics

The onstat -g wst command displays wait statistics for threads within the system.

name      tid    state          n     avg(us)     max(us)
sqlexec   32     yield bufwait  6     16166       46506
sqlexec   32     yield aiowait  34    33590       88997
sqlexec   32     yield time     2     156330      299586
sqlexec   32     yield forever  1     15999       15999
sqlexec   32     other cond     19    64.0s       1113.6s
sqlexec   32     other mutex    1     710         710
sqlexec   32     ready          64    1456        39583
sqlexec   32     run            63    52408       665865
scan_1.0  34     other cond     4     4240        8354
scan_1.0  34     other cond     1     715         715
scan_1.0  34     ready          6     283         492
scan_1.0  34     run            5     11205       33698

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
name The thread name. Str  
tid The thread ID. Dec  
state The state of the thread for this particular statistic. Str  
n The number of times the thread was in this state. Dec  
avg(us) The average user time in seconds spent in this state. Flt  
max(us) The maximum user time in seconds spent in this state. Flt  


  • Wait statistics can be enabled by adding 'WSTATS 1' to the configuration file.
  • The times are the max and average and cannot be summed to get total time for the session

Monitoring and Tuning

  • In earlier engines wait statistics should not be turned on for a production system. There will be a slight (5 - 10%) degradation in performance for the gathering of statistical information.

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